What to Expect

For many people, the most difficult part of going to church for the first time (or the first time in a while), is the fear of the unknown. What is it going to be like? What if they ask me to do something? What should I wear? As soon as you enter the parking lot at Agape we aim to make church a positive experience for you.

  • Service last 60-90 minutes (unless the Spirit leads otherwise)
  • There are a lot of friendly people available for you to connect and grow with
  • We offer safe, secure and age appropriate environments where your child will have a great time in Sunday morning "Youth Enlightenment" and monthly youth events
  • Dress is casual
  • Music is loud and uplifting
  • Audio and video elements are used often
  • Message is relevant to your life
  • Singles and married couples from every generation

No matter where you come from, near or far, with or without faith; there is room for you to experience LIFE at Agape.